The breathtaking courage of Harriet Tubman

Published on April 12, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! “Escaping slavery; risking everything to save her family; leading a military raid; championing the cause of women’s suffrage; these are just a handful of the accomplishments of one of America’s most courageous heroes.”

An animation I directed and animated in collaboration with TED-Ed and educator Janell Hobson.
Explore the full lesson at TED-Ed’s website:

The use of a daisy flower:
Daisy has the meaning of childbirth, it also represents new beginning, innocent or purity.
We see a new born Harriet blooming out from a daisy in the beginning shot.
When we talk about Harriet’s aging and death, we see the flower wilting, petals falling onto the ground.
A new daisy buds bloom out from the ground as we hear Harriet’s final words:
“I go away to prepare a place for you”.

Lesson written by Janell Hobson
Directed and Animated by Yan Dan Wong
Script Editor: Brendan Pelsue
Additional colouring in and compositing: Ying Ying Tey
Associate Producer: Bethany Cutmore-Scott, Elizabeth Cox
Content Producer: Gerta Xhelo
Editorial Producer: Alex Rosenthal
Narrator: Christina Greer
Sound designer: Jarrett Farkas

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