Stuck In The Sound “Miracle” – JAKARNO

Published on February 12, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Back to the 90’s ! JAKARNO take us on a tv odyssey for the rock-indie band STUCK IN THE SOUND.
Jakarno have managed to extract the conventions of an entire generation with this film, taking inspiration from Beavis and Butthead, Body Double, and Terminator.

Director : Jakarno
Produced by Passion Paris

Director of photography : Pierre Edelmann 
First assistant director : Hugo Nathan

Producer : Marion Vermogen
Line producer : Eunice Orsucci
Production coordinator : Meline Samson
Production coordinator : Charlene Richardeau
Location manager : Malik Brikat

Set designer : Esther Pottier
Assistant set designer : Camille beauplan
Wardrobe supervisor : Maud Dupuy
Make up artist : Albane Cousinard
Hair stylist : Maya Benamer

Matte painter : Arnaud Tribout – Sebastien Guichard
Animators : Valentin Stoll – Martin Touze
Sound editor : David Fontao

Digital compositor : Mickael Forrett


He : Rémy Laquittant
She : Anne Ribiere
Cara Dangle : Manon Girardi
Tracy Jam : Camille Richardeau
Nikky Pickle : Murielle Huet
Major Cobra : Corto Peninou
Sergeant Burke : Meriadec Mallat
Private Ramirez : Antoine Simonet
Private Simpson : Stephane Rouek
The weather man : Thierry Lamy
Denver Football Team : Corto Penimou – Meriadec Mallat
Pittsburgh Football Team: Antoine Simonet – Stephane Rouek
The Phone girl : Orsa Cousin


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