Let You Go

Published on August 22, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Diplo & TSHA – Let You Go (feat. Kareen Lomax)

Written and Directed by: Jodeb
Creative Director: Lola Son (Mad Decent)

Exec Producer (Prettybird): Candice Dragonas
Exec Producer (Colossale): Alexandre Auray
Guatemala Line Production: The Bigger Picture Pictures
Line Producer, Guatemala: GG
DOP: Alex Nour
1st AC: Jonathan Auger
Sound Man: Jose Jacob Jimenez Bonilla
Drone operator: Alex Auray
Post Producer: Miles Barfield
Edit & VFX: Jonathan Desbiens
Assistant editor: Simon Benoît
Sound studio: Cult Nation (François Bélanger, Théophile Porcet, Rene-Pierre Guerin, Gino Visconti)
Director’s rep: Benjamin Bernard @ Lark Creative

Athena: Athena Glover
Theron: Theron Glover
Sofia: Ana Sofía Páramo González
Fatima: Fátima Ortíz Miranda
Mother: Sara López
Father: Peter Glover
Sister: Tleyotl Banus
Priestess: GG

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