Eddy De Pretto – Random

Published on April 2, 2023

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! While imagining this film, there were 2 main things we wanted to explore with Eddy.

The first one was the concept of being trapped. It was definitely related to our society today: almost everyone is trapped behind his screen, addicted.

We are all stuck with our smartphone, social medias, our own virtual life.

I’ve loved exploring it: how your way of seeing things changes according to your environment…

And this huge, immaculate, radiant screen attracts and blocks Eddy at the same time.

The other one came from Eddy, telling me how he sometimes loves elaborating different characters when he’s behind his phone. How he feels like having multiple personalities, making himself up.

It was then pretty cool to combine these two ideas and think about how honest we are behind those screens, those masks?

“Je me mens”

“I’m lying to myself”.

Directed by Thibaut Grevet
DOP: Matthew Ballard
1st DA:​ Valentin Semko
Production Designer: Renaud Deschamps
Choreographer: Malika Djardi

Produced by Frenzy Paris
Producer: Manon De Buck⎜Elsa Rakotoson
Line producer: Anthony Saoudi
Family CREW
Executive production: Nikita Bukowski
Line producer: Daria Zakharova
Stunt Coordinator: Alexandr Zhmutskiy
Production Manager: Galina Merzlenko
Production Assistant: Viktor Pomin
Production designer: Natasha Makhovska
Wardrobe stylist UA: Stas Ralko
Editing by: Tianès Montasser, Maxime Pozzi Garcia
Post-production: SAINT LOUIS
VFX supervisors: Michaël Arasco, Yves Bosson
Visual Effects by: Johann Roche, Fabrice Sese, Gaetan Bailleul, Titouan Harel, Camille Marc,
Mathieu Betard, Benoit Messager @Reepost
SAINT LOUIS Producer: Louis Arcelin, Jean-Marc Raygade, Yves Bosson
Colorist: Sylvain Canaux

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