Zo Kwe Zo (All Are Human)

Published on August 1, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! The lives of a Christian rebel solider, a rebel’s wife, and a Muslim doctor intertwine in a true story of violence and redemption.

Directed by Lindsay Branham and Andrew Ellis

Produced by NOVO

Executive Produced by Search for Common Ground

This film was created to screen in communities in Central African Republic to spark conversation and dialogue across religious lines. To date, Search for Common Ground has conducted over 60 screenings across the country, paired with a workshop to discuss the characters and events in the film in depth and create space for understanding, tolerance and cohesion. Please go to sfcg.org to learn more about their work to end violent conflict.


Bachir So
Josette Melodie Agouh
Mac Armel Degoto Conzry
Guillaume Ngbowesse
Gracia Mbedo
Bruno Damay
Zora Marielle
Ryan Toussouno
Elise Lungo
Marleine Zila Gbatou
Kevin Brice Comse
Napoleon Gothias
Pamela Bindo
Kevin Ngombe
Davila Lady Loungoupou
Gad Toussouno
Patrick Simon Assanas
Carl Alipingaoro
Raphael Chiguigui
Moussa Mahamat

Screenplay written by Lindsay Branham and Andrew Ellis

Based on the life of Julius

Story adaptation by Lindsay Branham, Andrew Ellis and Jonathan Seale

Edited by Joe Greco and Andrew Ellis

Original Music by Jonathan Seale and Russel Durham

Original Illustrations by Didier Kasaii

Location Sound: Jonathan Seale
Field Producer: Modeste Gobi-Mauraye
Assistant Director: Habib Wilfred Mazangue
Camera Assistant and Additional Photography: Orphe Zaza Bamoy
Production Assistant: Gobayo Yambena Petrus

“La Paix” written by MC Fonctionnaire
Used by permission

Shot on location in Bangui, CAR

Copyright Novo 2017 All Rights Reserved

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