You Know Where to Find Me

Published on August 28, 2023

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! With his mom’s help, a young man with an intellectual disability packs up everything he owns and sets out to start a new life alone. But the euphoria of newfound independence is short-lived, and as the night falls, he misses his mom.

Directed by Sam Davis
Produced by
Rayka Zehtabchi & Reef Oldberg
Executive Produced by TRUST
Executive Producer Sarah Brannan

Grayson Deeney
Noa Graham
Mayra Dolan
Steve Turner

Producer / UPM – Faylyn Johnson
Production Designer – Ryann Kearney
Casting Director – Natalie Lin
Set Dresser – Sydney Jordan
1st AC – Jeff Vanderpool
Steadicam – Mike Herrst
Sound Mixer – Andre Bottesi
Additional Sound Mixing – Matthew Sisco
Gaffer/Grip – Blake Brown
Key PA – Mark Samano
PA – Sam Bredeweg
PA – Luke Ring
Wrap PA – Reed Carson

Edited by Sam Davis
Assistant Editor – Amanda Learman
Color by Sam Gilling
VFX – Esteban Melean & Zander Padget

Garage Sale Customer
Dustin Bailey
Garage Sale Lady
Nicole Beaver
Garage Sale Kid
Kaylee Franzoi
Haven Franzoi
Car Wash Worker
Harry Vessey
Car Wash Worker
Darrell Fall
Car Wash Worker
Conrand Williams
Car Wash Worker
Thomas Hunt

Special Thanks
Martha King
Eightfold Collective
Caleb Joye
Claire Bargout
Hiatus Post
Jeff Vanderpool
In Search Of
Classic Carwash

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