WOW! Guess Who Just Threatened Me Over Yesterday's Show. & Taylor Swift, Mia Khalifa, India Backlash

Published on February 12, 2021

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00:00 – Morgan Wallen Caught Using Racial Slur
03:46 – Taylor Swift Being Sued By… A Theme Park?
05:11 – Sponsor
06:14 – SpaceX Launch Fails
08:27 – Amazon Fined For Underpaying It’s Drivers
10:01 – India Cuts Internet In New Delhi After Farmer Protests
12:23 – Congress’ New Metal Detector Rule
13:54 – Senate Leaders Agree To Power Sharing Deal

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Morgan Wallen Removed from Radio Stations After Slur Caught on Camera:

Taylor Swift Sued by Theme Park Over Alleged Trademark Infringement:

FAA Denied SpaceX A Safety Waiver:

Amazon to Pay $61.7 Million Settlement For Withholding Tips:

Indian Farmers Get Viral Support from Western Celebs:

House Approves Fines Up to $10,000 for Lawmakers Who Evade Metal Detectors:

Senate Leaders Reach Power Sharing Deal:


Pro-Trump Election Conspiracist Lin Wood Investigated Over Possible Voter Fraud:

Golden Globes Make History With Most Female Director Nominations in a Single Year:

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