World's First Automatic Strike Bowling Ball

Published on December 19, 2020

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My buddy Mark’s machine shop. He is really great to work with and they can do really out of the box projects like this- www.BaumanMachine.Com

0:04 – Arrow (Instrumental) – Andrew Applepie
0:28 – Kalimba Jam – Blue Wednesday
0:56 – On My Way – Tom Goldstein
1:15 – Marimba Idea – Blue Wednesday
1:58 – Arrow (Instrumental) – Andrew Applepie
2:14 – Cereal Killa – Blue Wednesday
3:41 – Arrow (Instrumental) – Andrew Applepie
3:57 – Dansez – Fasion
5:33 – Q – Blue Wednesday

Summary: I made a bowling ball with James Bruton where it will steer left and right depending on how you lean. People lean anyways when the bowl to try and influence the direction so we just capitalized on that. It operates on the same principles of a BB8 ball.

Thanks to Carlyle tools for giving my workbench tools a seriously needed upgrade!

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