WIFI RIDER: a documentary film

Published on October 15, 2021

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Life is lonely for young Palestinian, Shukri. He spends his days on the internet, immersed in a world where Western popstars preach self-love and unity, and where he can forget the lack of acceptance he faces in everyday life. But a life dreaming of paradise abroad does not bode well for a teenager stuck in East Jerusalem. What he desperately wants is to connect with others like him, who feel caught between an occupation, globalisation, and the universal growing pains that come with adulthood. In this 16mm documentary film, we follow Shukri from a childhood in East Jerusalem to moving to the hillside apartments of Amman, Jordan and the sandy shores of the Dead Sea. We discover the origins of his life as the ‘Wifi Rider’, and how he channelled his frustrations into art on the internet via tRASHY.

Directed & Produced by – Roxy Rezvany
Executive Producers  – Emily Renée & Erica Edwards
Editor – Ross Leppard
Cinematography by – Isaac Eastgate & Jaime Ackroyd
Composer – Matt Huxley
Sound Designer – Guy Chase
Translator – Agatha Ezzedine
Colourist – Tim Smith
Local Producers – Ihab Muhtaseb & Ibraheem Shahin
Sound Recordist – Ahmad Alhlabiah
Graphic Designer – Mio Yokota
Line Producer – Kasia Kaczmarek
1st AC – Jerry Pradon
Production Assistant – Alicia Sing
Colour Producers – Olivia Jessop & Melissa Trindade
Additional Fixer – Bader Mohtaseb
Models – Solenne Tadros & Dunia Almaghari
Featuring – Shukri Lawrence, Omar Braika, Reem Kawasmi, Luai Al-Shuaibi, Sereen Khass

Production Company – Besheh Meesheh Films

The film was made with support from The LUSH Film Fund & One World Media
The film will debut on Topic is the US/Canada, having been selected by Roger Ross Williams for his series One Story Up & will premiere worldwide via Short of the Week and Nowness.

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