Why Venom 2 Will Blow You Away

Published on January 21, 2019

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If Venom’s success the first time around was largely due to the elements of surprise and strangeness, what could the second one have up its sleeve? A lot, potentially. While the law of diminishing returns runs rampant in Hollywood sequels, Venom 2 could actually improve upon its predecessor.

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There’s gonna be Carnage | 0:17
Battle of the scenery chewers | 1:04
Morbius inbound | 1:59
Spins a web, any size | 2:49
The origin is over with | 3:44
Tom Hardy can make it weird(er) | 4:20
Tonal takeaways | 5:19
Venom after dark | 6:21
Happily ever after | 6:59

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