Why Masks Work BETTER Than You'd Think

Published on October 16, 2020

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Check out https://aatishb.com/maskmath to explore and for references.

This video is about how masks (whether surgical, or N95, or cloth) are counterintuitive and actually work much better epidemiologically than one might expect. Masks do double-duty, and the fraction of interactions with masks is much higher than the fraction of people wearing masks, so partially adopted, partially effective masks are able to reduce the basic reproduction number surprisingly well.


Aatish’s detailed writeup on github: https://github.com/aatishb/maskmath/blob/master/model/mathmodel.ipynb

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What kind of mask should I be wearing to protect against COVID-19? http://built-envi.com/what-kind-of-mask-should-i-be-wearing-to-protect-against-covid-19/

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