Why Dogs Age Faster Than Us

Published on December 31, 2019

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! The longest-living person was a woman who made it 122 years and 164 days. Which isn’t bad for a species with an average lifespan of 72 years. There was also a cat that set the record for the feline community by living to 38 years.

Yet dogs aren’t so lucky, which means we humans, who’ve dubbed these loveable creatures as our best friends, really feel the sting. A 13-year-old person has their whole life ahead of them, yet a 13-year-old dog is considered a senior at that age! While we humans take up to 18 years to stop growing and developing, a dog is usually full-grown at 18 months!

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How long dogs live 🐶 0:46
Why some animals live shorter 1:50
Why dogs don’t live longer 3:53
Small dogs VS. Large dogs 5:42
Circling before lying down 7:56
Rolling around in the grass 8:11

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– Most dogs live on average from 10 to 13 years, depending on the breed, of course.
– For the 1st year of their life, dogs age 15 human years! Then they age about 4 human years with each birthday.
– Aristotle believed that elephants lived longer than mice because they contained more liquid. Of course, the moisture thing wasn’t right, but his observations were pretty accurate overall: bigger animals do tend to live longer than smaller ones.
– But let’s consider our parrot friends. They have an average lifespan of 20 to 50 years!
– Larger species living longer could simply be a result of where they stand on the food chain. It takes elephants longer to grow because hardly anyone would dare to attack them, right?
– Humans and canines have been friends for thousands of years. DNA suggests that wolves and dogs split around 100,000 years ago.
– There’s a theory suggesting that dogs don’t live as long because they’re just so sociable! They live in packs, right? The way it usually goes is when a species lives in groups, they’re more likely to spread illnesses.
– Large species like Saint Bernards and German Shepherds are more prone to hip dysplasia. Siberian Huskies can often develop immune problems.
– Also, some breeds are younger than others, and they haven’t had enough time to evolve. The good thing is that our favorite animals are living longer these days than they used to.
– Does your dog take a treat or a big cheekful of food from its bowl only to carry into another room to eat? Like a lot of strange things your dog does, it’s ancient instincts controlling their brain.
– And that circling ritualistic thing they do before they lie down? Spinning in circles might happen for several reasons.
– What about rolling around in the grass? When they smell something in the grass they can hunt, they’ll use the grass to mask their own scent and sneak up on their prey.

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