Well… I Just Don't Know Why! Why?! Seriously Why?!!

Published on April 27, 2018

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Honestly… I was discouraged to include any of today’s stories, or provide source links because of how hard our videos have been hit by YouTube lately.
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Honest Trailer – Far Cry 5: https://youtu.be/CB7-tOpnVmQ
Slow Mo Guys Answering Slow Mo Questions: https://youtu.be/vS5z3tR6xTI
Binging With Babish – Grilled Cheese: https://youtu.be/hwjdXBxeWsc
Hot Ones – Trick Daddy: https://youtu.be/SywOj6EpkOc
Oceans 8 Trailer: https://youtu.be/n5LoVcVsiSQ
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