TURNOUT – Michael Van Swearingen

Published on August 25, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Tobin and Sven are street artists involved in a shady lifestyle as middle-men. After Tobin announces leaving his criminal past behind, along with the city, they proceed to finish one last drop off of an unmarked bag. Upon entering a graffiti soaked alley way, they’re confronted by a police officer and make a run for it. Ducking and diving through the glowing alley, they make their way towards a trainyard. With the cops following close behind, a split second decision decides their future.

Directed & animated by Michael Van Swearingen

Produced by Foreign Fauna

Music by Seafarer

Sound Design by Junior Birdman Audio

Tobin voiced by Sam Landman
Sven voiced by Clarence Wethern

Graffiti by
Ian Ballantyne
Emily Barton
Joe Bucholz
Maddie Brewer
Evan D’Elia
Nolan J. Downs
Dan Forke
Maddy Haynes
Jake Huffcutt
Noah Lawrence-Holder
Cameron McManus
Nathan Motzko
Yusef Najafi
Andrew Onorato
Lauren Payne
Peter Steineck
Dan Wagner
Jared Weiss

and a special thanks to Motion 504

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