Published on August 23, 2023

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Thanks to everyone at Nickerson gardens and @imperial_courts in Los Angeles for helping us work on this project. It was an incredible experience, probably one of the craziest I’ve ever had.

Back to simple things without VFX, more authentic, real..this idea was thought out and shot like a documentary, without art department, without styling with nothing..… just filming the life, the energy of they kids who are the real stars of this movie and who worked hard

Here is a new video for @travisscott produced by @mjzworldwide and @northofnowfilms with the incredible work of @matissephlip and all of the guy from his teams!!! �

Directed by Arnaud Bresson

Director Rep: @larkcreative

I am also super impressed with the work of this man @xiaolongdp an real amazing DP with his Camera B team @kocmos , thank you both !

First AD : @dbenfilms

Edit by @maxime__caro

Casting by @bobbychampion1 and @veniceball

Color grade : @mikeypackage

Sound design / Art direction ( mon gars fort ) : @redexpanse

Craziest logo title by @ben_dorado

Alll of the dancers / choreographer @divasofcompton @roccothaclown

Thank you @thehoopbus for help us with all of the kids

Special thanks to : @dexternavy @florievitse @younglarrydavid @elvin5rodriguez @bobbychampion1 @zaniyafarmerr @veniceball @ebearcook @micaelpuentes @yaro___ @neokerz @jordensmooth love

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