Top 5 BIGGEST Animal Mysteries EVER

Published on August 11, 2017

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! The Top 5 Biggest Gigantic Animal Mysteries in the world / earth include a modern day Kraken bigger than the colossal squid, the biggest snake ever at an estimated 200 ft., a possible Megalodon, a massive dinosaur like lizard known as the Megalania that roams Australia, and more.

5) The USS Stein Monster

It was 1976 and the USS Stein headed into port after it’s SONAR system had experienced failure. Upon closer inspection at the port, the special rubber protective coating of the ship’s SONAR dome had cuts as long as 4 feet across. Within many of those cuts, the remains of sharp, curved claws were found – the type of claws associated with giant squid attacks.

However, these claw marks, measuring at around 4 feet across were much, much larger than any known squid previously discovered. Due to the size of these marks, it was speculated that whatever had done this damage could measure up to 150ft in length.

4) The Bloop

In 1997, multiple underwater microphones known as hydrophones picked up an extremely loud sound across a range of over 3000 miles. The sound was given the name “The Bloop.” The audio profile of the sound does resemble that of a living creature, except for the fact that it was many times louder than that of the loudest known creature, the blue whale….leaving the possibility open that a creature could exist much larger or at the very least louder than the blue whale. Others hypothesize that the sound was actually caused by a large icequake in Antartica…but the true source remains unknown.

However, it was hypothesized that the sound was actually a large icequake in Antartica, which also tend to share similar audio profiles to that of the Bloop noise. However, due to the ambiguity of it matching certain traits of both animal and icequake audio profiles, the true source of the Bloop noise remains unknown.

3) Mystery Animal that Ate a 9-foot Great White Shark

In Australia, scientists had tagged a particular 9 foot great white shark with a tracking device as part of a program to learn more about these beasts. After a few months, the scientists discovered their tracking device had washed ashore. Something had killed and eaten the great white shark.

The tracking device’s data revealed a sudden rise in temperature which would indicate it was in something’s digestive track coupled with a sudden 2000 foot dive into some of the deepest depths of the ocean….the device, or whatever creature it was in would then ascend and descend these great depths over the next few days until the device had been excreted.

What predator lies in the deep and eats great white sharks with such ferocity?

2) The Megalania

The Megalania is a massive lizard thought to have gone extinct some 30,000 years ago. It’s like the much, much bigger brother to the giant Komodo dragon of today’s time – imagine a lizard the size of a school bus…and maybe even bigger.

Interestingly, quite a bit of evidence suggests that they still exist. There’s numerous anecdotal reports of sightings of the beast…watch the linked video to learn more about them….and then there’s evidence a researcher named Rex Gordon has collected. He’s collected and plastered nearly 30 footprints that match the beast exactly. Add this to the fact that some recent Megalania bones have been dated to be only 300 years old and there’s a good chance there really may be a giant lizard roaming the Australian outback.

1) Colonel Remy Van Lierd’s Giant Snake Photo

During World War Two, a very high ranking Belgian fighter pilot and squadron leader named Remy Van Lierd
was on his way back to base from a helicopter mission in the Congo. During his journey back, he was astounded to see an enormous snake winding around on the ground below. He instructed his crew to circle around so as to get a better look at the snake and take some photos…that’s when the snake reared back as though it were about to attack the helicopter. Colonel Lierd guessed the snake had to be a minimum of at least 50 feet in length. After several reports like this by others, Lierd’s pictures were sent to the CIA headquarters where they were analyzed. It was estimated the snake could have been up to 200 feet long….compare this to the longest snake on record which is around 34 feet in length.

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