Top 20 Unusual Jobs that Actually Pay Really Well

Published on April 22, 2018

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! There are some really crazy and bizarre jobs in this world, so lets see which ones pay the most with the highest salary!
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Be amazed by these very unusual jobs that actually pay well! Professional TV Watcher – Food Stylist and Photographer – People with a passion for food often find themselves becoming chefs. Professional Snuggler – Once considered a niche job, professional snuggling has quickly become a booming business. Video Game Tester – Paper Towel Sniffer – Yes, this is an actual job, and it pays well too! Face Feeler – Looking for a job that has a literal “hands-on” approach? Then look no further than this job. Body Part Model – Essentially, they’re models, but they only model a specific part of their body. Worm Picker – Worm pickers basically do as their job title implies. Pearl Divers – Pearl divers do essentially the same as worm pickers, except this time, they look for pearls in potentially-dangerous waters .

Fortune Cookie Writers – Ever wonder who writes those fortunes you see in fortune cookies? Bingo Manager – If you’re thinking that this job would be as easy as your local bingo happenings, you might want to think twice about taking this job. Submarine Chef – Chefs are amongst the highest-paid people in the world. Pet Food Taster – Crazy as it may be, this kind of job exists. Line Stander – Tired of waiting in line to buy that new phone?

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