TK630 – A Star Wars Fan Film

Published on May 2, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Marooned on a forest planet, an Imperial scout trooper hunts a lone Jedi, when he discovers an unexpected ally.

Directed by: Brendan H. Banks
Written by: Charlie McWade
Edited by: Vincent Welch
Produced by: Sean Dermond

Executive Producers: Brendan H. Banks, Josh Ruben, Paul Lowey, Mike Ritchie
Associate Producer: Kelly Shea

Starring: Josh Ruben & Starla Bolle
With Charlie McWade & Abe Danz

Production Coordinators: Phoebe Tillem & Anni Krueger
Cinematography by: Brendan H. Banks
Camera Operator: Eric Teti
Camera Assistant: Justin Onne
Gaffer: Camilo Chao
Sound Mixer: Jeff Gaumer
Production Designer: Kelly Shea
Costume Designer: Sean Dermond

VFX by: Gloo Studios
VFX Supervisor: Mike Ritchie
VFX Producer: Paul Lowey
VFX Coordinators: Ali Ajmeri & David Cohen
VFX Artists: Aleander Reid, Nicolas Pierson, Nolan Guerriero, Cam Slusar
Colorist: Jenny Montgomery (Company 3)
Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Suarez
Additional Dialogue Recording: David Wolfe
Special Thanks: Barbara & Arthur Ruben, Creighton DeSimone, Gnarly Bay

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