The Wrist Mounted Flamethrower!

Published on September 5, 2016

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This had got to be one of the craziest Unbox Therapy episodes ever. I had the chance to check out the Pyro Mini Fireshooter. This thing blasts tiny fire balls up to 10 feet.

From the manufacturer –

THE NEW PYRO MINI – LESS BULK. MORE FIRE. ————– Shoot balls of fire from your empty hands for under $150. ————- The viral smash-hit of 2015 is a sexy MUST-HAVE. ————– Based on the original Pyro, we’ve refined the mini to make it easier to use, while packing in a host of new features that rival anything you’d see in a James Bond movie. Want to stand out? Need to get attention? Get Pyro MINI. —————— How safe is Pyro? Pyro’s secret is that the barrels are filled with ‘flash’ paper. A specially-treated tissue paper that burns extremely quickly and is gone in the blink of an eye. Magicians have used flash paper in their acts for decades to get huge reactions from a tiny burst of fire. Every precaution has been taken to make this safe, but as Pyro shoots real fire, it MUST be handled responsibly. A comprehensive video download is given to guide you through everything you need to know. Thousands upon thousands of units of Pyro have been sold with superb, safe results. Please note: Pyro Mini shoots 2 fireballs per load and needs a reload after both barrels are empty.

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