The Voice Actress

Published on March 3, 2023

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Kingyo, a veteran voice actress working in Tokyo, possesses a unique ability to see the soul in all things, living and inanimate. The voice acting world is changing and she must find a way to reconcile her way of living with the modern industry.


Written, Directed and Edited by: Anna J. Takayama

“With its impeccable compositions and captivating lead performance, The Voice Actress offers a sensitive peek behind the scenes of an ever-changing industry. This patient study of imagination and aging achieves extraordinary depth thanks to Anna J. Takayama’s soulful direction, and we are delighted to support the career of such a remarkable talent.”
– SXSW Mailchimp Support the Shorts Award Jury

“A visually stunning and moving portrait of an aging actress competing against the younger generation, which also seamlessly deals with grief and sexism, while ultimately embracing the courage to be different and to honor one’s true self.”
– Palm Springs ShortFest, Best of the Festival Jury

​”Bold and delightfully original. A playful, tender and universal story about remaining unapologetically yourself in a relentless world, from a director with a refreshingly unique cinematic language. From the pacing to the use of colour, from the framing to the lead performance, Anna J. Takayama’s ‘The Voice Actress’ is a vibrant, feminist gem of a film.”
– Leeds International Short Film Competition Jury

Urara Takano – Kingyo

Daisaku Hokura – Director
Otome – Idol
Ujisuke – Producer
Itsuki – Sound Mixer
Ryuji Takahashi – Screenwriter
Michiko Nonaka – Assistant
Michael Aaron Stone – Executive

Masayuki Ishibashi – Salaryman
Kiri Halebale – Mother
Taishi Nagamatsu – Father
Gajumaru Nagamatsu – Son
Noriko Hokura – Woman
Yuki Iwaka – Friend
Yuki Okuda – Friend
Ariyo – Young Voice Actress
Ayane Hayakawa – Young Voice actress
Nonoka Mamiya – Young Voice actress
Rui Egawa – Young Voice actress
Taichi Shimizu – Young Voice Actor
Taishi Hamamoto – Young Voice Actor
Takuya Umeda – Young Voice Actor
Yuto Ohashi – Young Voice Actor
Aoi Maeda – High School Student
Kaoru Togashi – College Student
Mizuho Kanai – College Student
Shunya Nitta – Salaryman
Hararyo – Pachinko Player
Kenichi Kawata – Boyfriend
Mio Komura – Girlfriend
Yukio Arai – College Student
Asatte – Asatte the Goldfish

Anna J. Takayama – Writer, Director, Editor
Joe Skinner – Producer
Conor Murphy – Director of Photography
Kumi Nemoto – Co-Producer
Jackson K. Segars – Co-Producer
Natsuki Kato – Associate Producer, Graphics Design, SFX Artist
Kyo Yaoya – Associate Producer, Graphics Design
Sunnie Kim – Assistant Camera
Andrew Yip – Production Sound Mixer
Jun Endo – Graphics Design
Kiri Halebale – Script Supervisor
Julien Pinault – Production Assistant
Chaka – Recording Studio Consultant
Marcy Robinson – Colorist
Lucas Greenwood Andrei – Workflow Supervisor
Rachael Black – Online Editor
Myahdellese Jones – D.I. Assist
Rebecca Conner – D.I. Assist
Megan Rumph – D.I. Producer
Tiffany Gale – D.I. Production Coordinator
Ariyan Hashemi – VFX
Martin Anderson – VFX
Ryan Billia – Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer

SXSW Film Festival 2022 – “Special Jury Award Winner”
The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival 2022
Lighthouse International Film Festival 2022
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022 – “Audience Award Winner, Japan Competition”
Palm Springs ShortFest 2022 – “Jury Special Mention, Best of the Festival Award”
DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival 2022 – “Jury Award Winner, Best Performance for Urara Takano”
L.A. Shorts International Film Festival 2022
Asian American International Film Festival 2022
Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival 2022
HollyShorts Film Festival 2022 – “Best International Film Award Winner”
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2022
Nevada City Film Festival 2022 – “Best Narrative Short Award Winner & Best Director Award Winner”
Nara International Film Festival 2022
Woodstock Film Festival 2022
Nashville Film Festival 2022
Mill Valley Film Festival 2022
New Hampshire Film Festival 2022
Hamptons International Film Festival 2022
Raleigh Film & Art Festival 2022
Raindance Film Festival 2022
Urbanworld Film Festival 2022
New Orleans Film Festival 2022
San Diego Asian Film Festival 2022
Leeds International Film Festival 2022 – “International Short Film Competition Winner”
Hawai‘i International Film Festival 2022
Izmir Short Film Festival 2022
New York Japan CineFest 2022
Fargo Film Festival 2023 – “Best Narrative Short Film Competition Winner”

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