The Trails Before Us

Published on August 10, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! THE TRAILS BEFORE US follows 17-year-old Nigel James, a Diné mountain biker, as he hosts the first Enduro race in the Navajo Nation. Through revitalizing livestock and wildlife trails on his grandparents’ land, Nigel and a new generation of riders honor the connection to their land, community, and culture.

Director – Fritz Bitsoie
Director of Photography – Leo Maco
Producer – Emma Hsu Jackson
Executive Producers – Luke Tate & Crista Garcia
Editor – Nico Bovat 
Sound – Francisco Núñez Capriles
AC – Brandon Ripp
Grip – Nima Khazaei
Production Coordinator – Megan Wilson
Drone Camera Op – Luke Fitch
Drone Pilot – Jeb Stewart
Set Photographer – Viktor Maco
Original Music – William Ryan Fritch
Sound Design and Mix – Hansdale Hsu
Color – Carlos Flores
Title Design – Moniker
Translation – Joe H. Kee

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