The Swarm Chaser

Published on October 14, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Last year a swarm of honey bees landed right behind my backyard, so I searched the internet looking for answers on what to do. I came across the Swarm Hotline via I called the number and within 10 minutes a super enthusiastic beekeeper named Mandy called me back. Luckily she lived pretty close and came right away. I asked if I could film her catching the bees and she was totally down.

After filming the bees, I came back with this absolutely gorgeous footage of bees in slow-motion. I figured there had to be more I could film of Mandy and her beekeeping. So when the next swarm season came, I contacted Mandy asking her to do a little documentary on her process. This is the result of that.

It’s a joy of mine to find someone so passionate about their work, whether it be in photography, painting, crafting, woodworking or bee-keeping. Mandy’s infectious and inviting personality drew me in and kept me wanting to document her process even more. There is still more of a story to tell, but for this swarm season, this will do for now.

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