The Sands Between

Published on January 15, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! A woman has a phone conversation with her significant other which slowly deteriorates as she comes to realize that the world around her might not be real.

Starring Jessica Chastain & James McAvoy

Directed by Aidan Tanner (
Story by Aidan Tanner & Stefan Vucic
Written by Stefan Vucic
Produced by Arianna Anderson
Edited by Simone Smith
Cinematography by Aidan Tanner
Original Music by Austin Fray
Post Produced by Alex Ordanis
VFX Supervisor: Geoff Scott
Compositors: Jason Snea & Jordan Acomba
CG Supervisor: Aaron Wright
Additional VFX by Andrey Shu & Martin Klapperbein

Colour finishing services provided by ARTJAIL –
Color by Clinton Homuth
Color Assistant: Shay Koshy & Kevin Wu
Color Producer: Alison Maxwell

Post production services provided by URBAN POST –
Re-Recording Mixer: Steve Moore
Re-Recording Assistant: Calvin Tran
Sound FX Designer Editor: Tom Bjelic
Dialogue Editor: Emilie Boucek
Foley Artist: Matt Thidideau
Foley Recordist: Dave Mercel
Packaging Editor: Kyle Campbell
Project Manager: Ike Murphy
Picture Operations Manager: Bruce Rees
Picture Facility Technician: Jon Morrison
V.P. of Operations: Roberta Bratti

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