THE LOCAL: The Master Carver

Published on January 26, 2023

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! In this pilot film, we follow Master carver and indigenous Alaskan artist Wayne Price as he creates fine art in the traditional style of the Tlingit people. Wayne’s artistic creations cover a broad range of design and artifacts, including totem poles, dugout canoes, masks, paddles, clan hats and jewelry. Wayne works with local youth to pass on the craft and culture of the Tlingit people. Wayne takes us on a journey as he builds an adze, a traditional Tlingit wood-carving tool used by his ancestors for thousands of years.

The Local is a Royal Caribbean original series, celebrating people from around the world, their unique passions and their culture.
For the premiere season, we highlight three locals from Alaska: Wayne Price, Mary Smith and Dan Oberlatz.

See more of Wayne’s work here:

Director – Jacob Rosenberg
Director of Photography – Logan Triplett
Editor – Jeremy Huff
Composer – Steffen Thum
Colorist – Kristopher Smale
Sound Mixer – Jeremy Blake
Aerial Director of Photography/Drone Operator: John Sweeney
Agency Creative Directors: Danny Streadbeck & McKay Hathaway
Producer – Alex Orlovsky
Agency Producer – Kristin Childers
Executive Producer – Ryan Slavin
Music Producer – Queenie Li
Assistant Editor – Yonah Nimmer
First AC – Adam Kirschhoffer
Alaska Production Coordinator – Meg Halsey
Production Company – The Reserve
Ad Agency – Mullen Lowe
Client – Royal Caribbean

Special Thanks – Lorne Balfe, 14th Street Music, Margarita Mix

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