Published on June 7, 2024

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! A gymnastics coach must deal with a man who has taken an interest in the young girls she coaches. The man makes a bold move and the coach responds with an even bolder one.

Nicola Lambo
Davey Johnson
Tara DiNinno

Directed By
David Mikalson

Written By
David Mikalson & Jonah Vallez

Produced By
David Mikalson & Jonah Vallez

Executive Producers
Kate Rauber & Trevor Elliott

Trevor Elliott

Production Designer
Astrid Anderson

James M. Vincent

Original Music By
Jason Martin Castillo

Special Effects Supervisor & Sculptor
Devin McDonagh

Visual Effects Supervisor
Sevan Najarian

Poster And Thumbnail By

Poster, thumbnail, production/bts stills:

Official Selection:
Fantastic Fest 2020 (World Premiere)
Nightmares Film Festival 2020
Morbido Fest 2020
Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival 2020
Monster Fest 2020
Fixion Fest 2021
Frostbiter 2021
Madeira Fantastic Filmfest 2021
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2021
Imagine Film Festival 2021
Panic Fest 2021
Florida Film Festival 2021
Fantaspoa 2021
Calgary Underground Film Festival 2021
Cabane A Sang 2021
Chattanooga Film Festival 2021
Bucheon International Film Festival 2021
Macabro Fich 2021
Frightfest 2021
Horrible Imaginings Film Fest 2021
Motel/X 2021
Sydney Underground Film Festival 2021
Slash Film Festival 2021
B-Movie Underground & Trash Film Festival 2021
Beyond Fest 2021
TOHorror Fantastic Film Fest 2021
Hellifax Horror Film Festival 2021
Knoxville Horror Film Fest 2021
Filmquest 2021
Soho Horror Film Festival 2021
Denver Underground Film Festival 2021

Best Screenplay & Best Special Fx Makeup: Madeira Fantastic Filmfest 2021
Audience Award Best Midnight Short: Florida Film Festival 2021
Audience Award Best International Short: Calgary Underground Film Festival 2021
Funniest Horror Comedy Award: Horrible Imaginings Film Fest 2021
Best Actress Nicola Lambo: Hellifax Horror Film Festival 2021

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