Stam Goody – Clutch

Published on October 31, 2022

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Director: Christopher Ripley
Producer: Antonio Flores @ Aqsent
Commissioner / MGMT: Saint Louis @ GFCNY
Production Designer: Eloise Ayala
VFX Supervisor: Isaac Morhaim
1st AC: Megan Johnson
Steadicam Operator: Parker Brooks
Gaffer: Genevieve Evans
Production Manager: Miles Mueller
1st AD / Casting Director: Chris Grieder
2nd Unit Producer: Isaac Schneider
2nd Unit Production Designer: Sadie Amelia
VFX Artist: Matthew Wauhkonen
VFX Artist: Tyler Sobel-Mason
Art Director: Alexander Christian Stamm
Art Swing: Wyatt Winborne
Art Swing: Tatiana Ettensberger
Graphic Designer: Stephanie Zhao
Score: Andrew Johnson
Swing: Ethan Shaw
Styling: Necat Akman and Nakim Williams @ 92Dreamteam
Hair & Makeup: Mya Zan
Voiceover by Darren Stephens, Erica Everage, Ben Zisk
Scan by Metropolis Post
Color by Christopher Ripley

Special thanks to Max Lanman, Henry Kaplan, Dan Karp, Megan Spatz, Corwin Garber, Dan Amerman, Jack Begert, Gregory Loebell, Jacob Perry, Bojan Stanivukovic, Rachel Smith

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