Skrillex – Butterflies (with Starrah & Four Tet)

Published on February 16, 2024

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! “We feel like we haven’t grown older because we haven’t had a chance to live for a year”
This video goes out to the generation of youth whose hopes, aspirations, relationships and opportunities have been curtailed by the Covid lockdowns of the past year. It’s about freedom.
The biggest possible THANK YOU to everyone involved in making this film come to life…

Maddie Miller // @madmillar⁣
Ben Todd-Jones // @_benjamtj⁣
Holly Brennan // ​@hollybr⁣
Tyrese Mckenzie // @tythetytan⁣
Devonte Sackitey // @__.deeee⁣
Zirihi Zadi // ​@zirihizadi⁣
Aden Dzuda // @adendzuda⁣
Jamie Bell // ​​@jamiebell_13⁣
Lauryn Bryan // @laurynbryan_20

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Biscuit Filmworks (UK) // @biscuit.filmworks
EXEC PROD: Rupert Reynolds-Maclean, Andrew Law // @rupewolf⁣
PRODUCER: Adam Farley // @mradamfarley⁣
PROD MANAGER: Roma Nesi Pio // @romieg
DOP: Benjamin Todd // @toddy911⁣
CHOREOGRAPHY: Holly Blakey // @hollytblakey⁣
PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Oliver Hogan // @ollie___hogan⁣
CASTING DIR: Kharmel Cochrane // @kharmelcochranecasting⁣
CASTING ASS: Virginia Kerr
LOCATION MANAGER: Titus Penate // @titus_penate⁣
WARDROBE ASSISTANT: John Revell // @revellwithoutacause⁣
STEADYCAM: Simon Wood // @simonsteadicam⁣
FOCUS PULLER: Sean Lomax // @sean___lomax⁣
DRONE: Stem Studios // @stem.studios⁣

EDITING COMPANY: Metal Edit // @metal_edit⁣
EDITOR: Matt Knee // @matt_nee⁣

POST PRODUCTION: Electric Theatre Collective / Colour //, @etc.colour⁣
PRODUCER: Antonia Vlasto // @vlastagram
POST CD: James Sindle // @james.sindle.electric ⁣
3D LEAD: Tobin Brett // @tbn_vfx
2D LEAD: James Belch
COLOURIST: Luke Morrison // @thehux⁣

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