SIAMÉS – My way

Published on April 11, 2024

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! “My Way” is our sixth Music Video for the argentinian band SIAMÉS. It’s made entirely in frame by frame 2D animation. Produced by Rudo Company, with the direction of Jesica Bianchi.

Music & Lyrics by SIAMÉS
Direction: Jesica Bianchi
Creative Direction and Script: Jesica Bianchi, Pablo Rafael Roldán
Head of production: Ailín Estrella
Line producer: Ignacio Lillini y Ailín Estrella
Animatic: Pablo Rafael Roldán, Juan Pedro Ramos, Jesica Bianchi
Art direction: Jesica Bianchi
Animation direction: Juan Pedro Ramos
Layouts: Jesica Bianchi, Pablo Rafael Roldán, Sofia Mercuri
Character design: Jesica Bianchi, Pablo Rafael Roldán,Gonzalo Freiganes.
Boards Design: Gonzalo Freiganes, Jesica Bianchi
Styleframes: Pablo Rafael Roldán y Jesica Bianchi Nolwe Tamis,
Color key: Jesica Bianchi, Pablo Rafael Roldán, Evelyn Argañaraz.
Backgrounds: Jesica Bianchi, Mariano Albano, Pablo Rafael Roldán,
Nolwe Tamis, Nicolas Ozuna, Diego Segura.
Drawing assistance: Sofia Mercuri

Animation and Assist:

Juan Pedro Ramos
Mariana Diaz
Emanuel Gimenez
Esteban Dunand
Eugenia Beizo
Micaela Gabot
Matilda Segura
Mariano Fernández
Flora Dreer
Israel Giampietro
Mercedes De Santis
Lena Mandel
Patricio Rey

Lead Clean Up:
Bianca Valiña

Clean Up:
Bianca Valiña
Lena Mandel
Flor Ponticelli
Sofia Mercuri
Ezequiel Cincunegui
“Same” Daniela Barella
Mercedes De Santis
Mariano Albano

Mariano Fernández
Pablo Colabella
Juan Pedro Ramos

Digital Composition:
Mariano Fernández
Pablo Fortunato

Mariano Fernández
Pablo Rafael Roldán

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