Shooting At Youtube HQ, WHAT WE KNOW, Fake News Lawsuits, Parkland Backpacks, And More…

Published on April 13, 2018

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! So a few things. 1. My heart and well wishes go out to everyone at Youtube. 2. I haven’t monetized this video because the last thing I want to do is profit from this tragedy. And 3. I’ll provide updates in my pinned comment down below.
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YouTube HQ Shooting:

Clear Backpacks at Stoneman Douglas:

Infowars Defamation Suit:
***Note: Even though we used multiple sources to gather the details for coverage, they also included information on the shooter.
Donate to the Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund:

Malaysia Anti-Fake News Bill:

Jared Fogle’s $57M Lawsuit:

Migrant Caravan, Mexico & Trump:

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