Romy – Always Forever (Official Music Video)

Published on June 26, 2024

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Director Charlotte Wells
Production Company PASTEL
Producer Adele Romanski
Executive Producer Barry Jenkins, Mark Ceryak, Simon Guzylack
Label Young Recordings
Commissioner Scott Wright

Choreographer Celia Rowlson – Hall
Dancers Emma Portner & Caetlyn Watson

Kindly supported by Gucci
Romy wears Gucci by Sabato De Sarno

DoP Gregory Oke
Production Designer Arthur DeBorman
Editor Eve Ashwell
Colourist Jo Barker

Service Company MrMr Films
Producer Martha McGuirk
Production Manager Rosie Brear
Production Assistant Callum Anderson

Romy Movement Director Simon Donnellon
1st AD Ina Luders
2nd AD Kitty Rajakulasingam
Runner Finn Lusty
Runner Jaida Blackwood

Focus Puller Vlassis Skosis
2nd AC Sonia Rodriguez
Camera Trainee Kirstin Hogg
Key Grip Alex Hudson
Video Playback Dayo Olufemi
Sound Playback Simon Haggis

Gaffer Noah Furrer
Electrician Sanjay Mist
Electrician Andy O’Driscol
Electrician Lara Gracia
Rigger Tony Cardenas
Rigger Michael Lee Frost
Cherry Picker Jamie Corcoan

Art Department Assist Eloise Craven
Art Department Assist Tim “Don Peppo” Crosbie
Art Department Assist Ben Garcia hughes
Construction Manager Alex Hayes
Set Builder Jamie Mound
Set Builder Morgan Nash
Set Builder Lowell Stearn Marsh
Set Builder Tom Clarke
Set Builder George Horrobin

Romy wears Gucci by Sabato De Sarno
Romy HMU Charlie Fitzjohn
Cast Stylist Frank Gallacher
Styling Assistant Linyi Jai
Cast HMU Beth Long

Paramedic Lulu Marodeen

Camera Kit from Emmyland

Post Production Facility Digital Orchard
CEO Callum Just
Post Producer Noé TJ Phillipson
Head of Film Scanning Dan Redrup
Film Scan Operator Timi Oladeji
Film Scan Operator Harry Wilson

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