REI Presents: Sky Migrations

Published on August 22, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Each fall our skies fill with the wings of migrating raptors. This ancient migration spans two hemispheres, binding our backyards to the forests of the far north and the wildest corners of South America. A network of volunteers and biologists stand ready to document each pulse of the migration by collecting data that may arm us with the means to better understand the health and wellbeing of these wayward fliers and the landscapes that sustain them. Sky Migrations is a film about a journey that embeds us in this epic migration for a brief moment, telling the stories of those who, with eyes cast skyward, tuck themselves atop mountains to help ensure that October skies may continue to flood with raptors, and that wilderness itself lives on.

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A Film By Charles Post, Max Lowe and Forest Woodward
Charles Post:
Max Lowe:
Forest Woodward:

Co-Directors: Charles Post, Max Lowe and Forest Woodward
Sound Design: William Lake Springstead
Editing: Sam Hedlund
Color: Sam Lowe
Motion Graphics: Jim Menkol
Illustrations: Issac Lowe

Special Thanks To:
Hawkwatch International and crew 
Joseph Dane 
Andy Earl
Mary Anne Potts
National Geographic
Micah McKay
Zach Alexander 
Dennis Randall

Song: “Guess I Was Just Young”
Performed by: Evan Phillips (w/ Courtney Marie Andrew)
(both versions) (End Song)
Written by: Evan Phillips
Licensed by: Evan Phillips Music / The Firn Line

Song: “Alligator”
Performed by: YURT (Travel Song)
Written by: Olivia Kesterson & Marlo Kapsa
Licensed by: Olivia Kesterson & Marlo Kapsa

Song: “Go East”
Performed by: Le Loup (Goshute 1 Song)
Written by:?

Song: “Breathing Rapture”
Performed by: Le Loup (Goshute 2 Song)
Written by:?

Song: “Fading Memories”
Performed by: Tony Anderson
Written by: Tony Anderson
Licensed by: Musicbed

Song: “Looking Back”
Performed by: The Earth & Arrow
Written by: Rob Casmay
Licensed by: Marmoset Music

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