Please Stop This! KSI Sidemen Controversy, Olivia Jade, Piers Morgan Reaction, Chauvin, & More

Published on March 17, 2021

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00:00 – Burger King Deletes Tweet & Apologizes
01:52 – Olivia Jade Back On Social Media
02:45 – Piers Morgan Storms Off After Being Called Out
05:03 – Scotty Sire Apologizes
05:29 – KSI Gets Educated On The “T” Word
07:32 – Sponsor
08:28 – Biden’s Good & Not So Good Immigration News
11:11 – Chauvin Case Moving Forward Despite Complications
13:28 – Iowa Governor Signs Voting Restrictions Bill

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Burger King Apologizes, Deletes “Women Belong in the Kitchen” Tweet:

Olivia Jade Responds to Comment Digging at College Admissions Scandal:

Piers Morgan Leaves Good Morning Britain:

Scotty Sire Apologizes for Video About David Dobrik, Seth Francois:

KSI Responds to Backlash:

Biden Extends Protections to Immigrants from Venezuela:

Record Number of Children in Border Patrol Facilities:

Jury Selection Begins in Derek Chauvin Trial:

Iowa Restricts Voting Laws:


HBO Max Accidentally Leaks “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”:

Papa John Tries To Clarify His Comment About His 20-Month Journey To Change His Language

South Dakota Gov. To Pass Bill Restricting Trans Women in Sports:
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