Published on March 1, 2024

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Short Film | Argentina | 2022 | 13 Min |

Ricardo is set to play Jesus in a small town biblical reenactment. While he is crossing the countryside in a hurry to make it on time, he’ll crash upon a dilemma. Do miracles exist?

Premiered in Tribeca Film Festival 2022.

Written and Directed by MUMU

Martin Tchira as “Ricardo”
Milagros Azem as “Milagros”

Produced by Lula Meliche and Tomas Medero
AD by Lucas Galambos
Cinematography by Santiago Cantillo
Production Design by Magdalena Peralta
Costume Design by Rocio Ortiz de Latierro and Johy Turek
HMU by Cecilia Bukovac and Rocio Marrodan
Casting Director by Julian Calviño
Sound by Martin Blaya, Martin Porta and Emiliano Monsegur
Color Grade by Alejandro Armaleo
VFX by M&M and Mariano Olivari
Graphic Design by Marcelo Granero
Edited by MUMU
Film Process, Scan and Transfer by Kodak Film Atlanta Lab

With the support of Rebolucion

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