Published on February 9, 2023

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! OFFLINE is what live outside the internet. It’s the elusive nervous laugh between two best friends who call each other before a race.
It returns to the roots, to human interactions, the genuine ones, with those who know us best, who know our weaknesses and our strokes of genius.

The sport documentary series OFFLINE will allow spectators to discover the Specialized athletes through the eyes of an individual, the one who knows them best. 

For this first episode, we met Cecce, a Corsican Enduro mountain biker.
His father, Alain, told us the great story of an overflowing life, full of energy and desire to live in harmony with nature.
Through landscapes of his native island, Cecce takes us in his contrasting land, between sea and rocks, between action and contemplation.

Talent — Cecce Camoin
Voice — Alain Camoin
Directors / DP — Félix Le Blanc & Julien Caldarone as Lamadone
Producers — Specialized & Lamadone
Additional Drone / FPV — Geoffroy le Moal
Additional shots — Jules Bellot, Louis Para & Benoit Carduner
Blackarm — Julien Eustache & Kostia Ratiel
Edit — Lamadone
Music — Johan Putet
Sound-Design — Raphaël Pibarot
Colorgrading — Yann Besset

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