Mister Biscuits – Short Film

Published on August 23, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! John agrees to look after his friend’s house for weekend…but is in for a surprise when he’s introduced to her beloved pet Mister Biscuits. Hilarity ensues.


John – William Andrews
Mister Biscuits – David Elms
Andrea – Cariad Lloyd
Man in park – Shamus Maxwell


Director: Tom Levinge
Writers: Tom Levinge, Jez Shcarf, the cast
D.o.p: Laurens Scott
Editor: Tom McPhee
Music: Joss Holden-Rea
Sound mixer: Peter Warnock
Sound Recordist: Sean Smith
Colour grading: Tom Cairns
Camera Assistant: Gary Edwards
Runner: Leo Di Cera

The nice American chaps over at MusicBed (in Texas!) interviewed me about the film so you can find out all the sexy hot behind the scenes gossip here: https://blog.musicbed.com/articles/bare-bones-a-director-on-how-to-build-a-far-fetched-comedy-around-one-strong-idea/293

There’s also this fascinating write up on a German website. I put it through Google translate and I’m pretty sure it’s word perfect:

I’m not a dog friend. Not that I would sink the cheap Wolf copies directly into the Mariana Trench. That would go too far for even a friend of spectacular solutions like me and is also unnecessary. They should only stay with the people who like them, do not yell at me, and most of all, they will not kiss the sidewalks. A little healthy distance. That’s enough.

But to look after such a caninen Kläffer? Run after all day, get rid of the shit and talk well? Rather not.

And then you also get to such a very special copy, in which everything is somehow different. In a weak moment then suddenly something like affection comes up. Way too risky.

From: https://denkfabrikblog.de/2018/03/19/kurzfilm-mister-biscuits/

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