Published on April 22, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Luck is Alive tells the story of an African surfer and believer in Animism – the belief that inanimate objects and concepts can have a soul. It is his animistic belief in luck that leads him to the ocean and sets him free.

The film features Damme Samb (21) a surfer from Dakar, Senegal a predominantly muslim country on the west coast of Africa.

Thank you to everyone who put their heart and soul into this project.

Acknowledgements //
Ciclope Africa 2022 Grand Prix Winner
Ciclope Africa 2022 finalist
– Direction
– Editing
– Cinematography
– Production Design

Client: Mami Wata
Director : Paul Ward
Creative Director : Peet Peinaar
Production Company : Giant Films, Stink Films
Executive Producers : Emma Lundy, Cindy Gabriel, Martina Luelsdorf, Paul Ward
Producer : Jo Barber
Story : Peet Pienaar
Researcher : Hana Sho
Director of Photography : Deon van Zyl
Production Art Director : Peet Pienaar & Wendy Frederiksson
Costume Design : Peet Pienaar & Wendy Frederiksson
Underwater Cameraman : Calvin Thompson
Senegal Service Company : Senegal Fixers
Senegal Producer :Meissa Seck
Equipment : Panavision

Cast //
Surfer : Damme Samb
Voice : Damme Samb

Post Production //
Editor : Xander Vander
Editing Company : Strangelove
Post Producer : Bevil Schwartz
Grade : Company 3
Colourist : Joseph Bicknell
Online : Charmaine Greyling

VFX Co :Tetaki Studios
VFX Artist : Gavin Coetzee

Animation : Mami Wata Creative

Composer : Mario Batkovic
Music & Sound design : BDS
Additional Music : Amery GG, Brick

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