Lusine – Not Alone

Published on June 12, 2023

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! For Lusine, from the EP Retrace.

Director: Michael Reisinger
Woman: Alina Lee
Cult Leader: Alan Sutherland

Modeler: Hiroto Ikeuchi

Director of Photography: Jeremy M Lundborg

Editor: Michael Reisinger
Visual Effects: Aaron Sjogren, Michael Reisinger
Assistant Editor: Sierra Swan
Sound: Philip Ryan

Producers: Michael Reisinger, Jackie An
Production Designer: Jackie An
Set Decorator: Cheyanne Burens
Hair & Makeup: Katherine Dawson
Technical Props: Alex Borton
Technical Consultants: Frank Arana, Peter Greko
Assistant Camera: Catalina Rodriguez, Lise Bengson
Gaffer: Rose Shirley
Photographer: Michael Beck
Craft Services: Briana Borton

Special Thanks: Kurara Fukami, Michiko Seita, Erin Erickson, Pacific Bonsai Museum, Victory Studios, Pacific Grip & Lighting

Label: Ghostly International

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