Greenpeace – Don’t Stop

Published on July 25, 2023

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! This is no ordinary cover: Don’t Stop is a contemporary fable about being young in the world today. The song is a call to action for people worried about their future and the state of the planet, and a rallying cry for those who dream of a better tomorrow. Together we can stand up to the fossil fuel industry. Add your name now:

Production Company: Lammas Park @lammas_park_productions

Director – Samona Olanipekun @samona_o
Exec Producers – Steve McQueen, Bona Orakwue @bonaclara7, Anna Smith Tenser @smithspanna
Producer – George Telfer @gtelfs

Production Manager – Chanel Parkinson @chanellyonthetelly
PA – Hannah Lockwood @hanlockwood
Cast Coordinator – Beth Rubery @beth.rubery
Production Runner – Tom Gimlette @tomgimlette

Researcher – Shireen Bahmanizad @shireen_bahmanizad
Researcher – Conall O’Brien @conallobrien
Bidding Producer – Nat Baring @natanatics
Lammas Park Head of Operations – Nicholas Horne
Lammas Park Production Assistant – Umashni Puvanendran

1st AD – Gabriel O’Donohue @_gabriel.odonohue_

Movement Director – Liara Barussi @liarabarussi
Casting Director – Coralie Rose @coralie_blamo_rose

DOP – Annika Summerson @annisummerson
Steadicam / Camera Op – Jonathan Tyler @jonotyler
Focus Puller A Cam – Kate Mollins @kate__mo_
Focus Puller B Cam – Sam Ebrahim Riley @samrileyac
Clapper / Loader – Sonia Rogriguez
Camera Trainee – Lucas Murray Reynolds
Grip – Warwick Drucker

Video Playback – Robbie Ross
DIT – Ben Grady @colour.grady
Sound Recordist – Anthony Leung @anthonyleungsound

Gaffer – Salvador Lopez-Gomez @glofilmlighting
Best Boy – Jamie Hitchens @jamiehitchens
Desk Op – Noah Furrer
Electricians – Charlie Lodge, Lee Madigan, Nathan Rubins
Rigger – Steve Daly @steve_daly

Production Designer – Jade Adeyemi @adeyumyum
Prop Buyer – Martha Howe @martha.howe, Matty Mancy @matty.mancey
Led Art Assistant – Lea Otovic @leaotovic
Art Dept Assistant – Isabelle Bryan, Nana-yaw Mensah @nyk_mensah, Lucia Barsegian @luciabarsegian, Daisy Alexander, Fenella Evans @fen.art_, Sofia Karavis @sofiakara

Construction by Cous De La @cousdela

SFX Supervisor – Neil Gawthrop
SFX Technicians – Miguel Ferreira, Jonathan Long
SFX by Machine Shop @machineshopsfx

Costume Designer – Verity May Lane @veritymaylane
Costume Assistants – Amy Thompson @a_thompson, Johanna Yohannes, Ellie Rimmer @ellie_r1

Make Up Designer – Maya Man @mayamanartist
Make Up Assistants – Chelsea Murphy @sculptedbychelsea, Nic Marilyn @nicmarilyn
Hair Designer – Kreszend Sackey @kreszendsackey
Hair Assistant – Viviane Melo @vivianemelomua

Medic – Verity Stacy

Editor – Jack Williams @__jackwilliams_
Edit House – The Assembly Rooms @the_assembly_rooms
Edit Producer – Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver
Sound Designer – Jack Sedgwick @snappajack
Audio Post – King Lear @kinglearlondon
Audio Producer – Suzy McGregor
Colourist – George Kyriacou @georgekcolourist
Post – Black Kite Studios @blackkitestudios
VFX – Mark Stannard
Colour Producer – Holly Tidwell @holly_tidwell, Jade Denne @jadedenne

Camera – Panavision @panavisionofficial
Lighting – Panalux @panaluxworld
Studio – Dukes Island Studios
Insurance – Dan Woods at Media Insurance Brokers
Accountancy – Robert Okonski & Emmanuel Lindsay at Clay GBP

Casting Assistants – Laura Meredith
Additional Casting – Lauren Patterson @ Jukebox Collective Agency


Speech Givers:
Kyle Osbourne
Lili Chin

Tomorrow’s Warriors: Kyle Osborne, Emily Tran, Cassius Cobbson, Shanise, David, Tami
Lisa Smith

Waiters & Kitchen Staff
Cameron Berryman, Izaebella Cresci, Christopher Mbaki, Jinessa Meggi, Ebony Aboagye, Oliver Manley, Kade Turner, Geddy Stringer

Party Guests:
Graham Collier, Anja Kick, Philippa Casares, Noreen Goodwin, Benji Ming, Catherine Cornwall, Huma Mohyuddin, Ellie Madden, Albert Graver, Rainier Manzano, Ruby Gascoyne, Sharifa Butterfly, Haseeb ‘Chilly’ Hearn, Duran Abdullah, Mikael Rivieri, Patrick Gabco, Ellie Harlulow, Rogerio Ghesti, Katerina Bragin, Michael Ahfong, Kesiena Banye, Beverly Connel, Jeanette Maskell, Peter Wilkinson

and Featuring: Will Poulter, Fraser T Smith and Avelino


Written by: Christine McVie / Universal Music Publishing Group
Produced by: Fraser T Smith / 70Hz
Original Rap verses: Avelino
Music Supervision and Consultancy: Ed Bailie and Seb Whyte / Leland Music
Music Marketing: Olivia Hobbs and Clare Wright / Blackstar Agency

Performed by: Future Utopia X Avelino X Tomorrow’s Warriors
With thanks to: House Gospel Choir, Benjamin Kwasi Burrell, Janine Irons, Fish Krish, Gabriel Starkey, Patricia Pascal


Creative Agency: Mother London
Creative Director: James Sellick @jamessellickauthor
Creative: Scott Anderson @scottanders44
Title Design: Ben McNaughton
Head of Production: Anna Murray @annasedgwick
Producers: Tommy Frankau @tommyfrankau, Nic Akinnibosun, Joseph Ogunmokun
Epilogue: Written by Scroobius Pip in collaboration with Greenpeace, performed by Lilli Chin
Special Featured Performance: Will Poulter

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