Extinction by Gamma-Ray Burst | Space Time

Published on January 11, 2018

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Find out about the last time and the next time the Earth will be hit by a Gamma-ray Burst. You can learn more about your personal DNA story by going to https://23andme.com/spacetime

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Gamma-ray bursts are much less common than regular supernovae, and in fact regular supernovae can do just as much damage as a GRB. However, for a supernova to produce the same effects it needs to be much closer – within 20 to 30 light years. There are definitely no stars in that range that could explode any time soon. However the Sun isn’t stationary. It orbits the Milky Way, and its galactic neighbors come and go. Maybe in a few 250-million-year orbits we stellar timebomb will wander into our vicinity. However it’s really the GRBs that are most likely to hit us first, and hit us more often. We should certainly expect one in the next half-to-one-billion years, even if it’s not WR104.

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