Easter Eggs You Missed In The Rise Of Skywalker

Published on January 12, 2020

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! With so much happening in The Rise of Skywalker, there were definitely a few cool hidden details you missed. Fans would need their own wayfinders to track it all down, not to mention decoding all the characters with more meaning than you may realize. Here’s what you may have overlooked.

Emperor Palpatine looks pretty rough post-resurrection in The Rise of Skywalker, and understandably so, but his majestic throne is a different story. Palp’s craggy chair, “The Throne of the Sith,” is the coolest bad guy seat outside of Game of Thrones, and there’s a good reason for that. The legendary Ralph McQuarrie, the man largely responsible for the look of the original Star Wars trilogy, designed it in the ’80s for Return of the Jedi.

Lucasfilm creative art manager Phil Szostak revealed this unused throne room art on Twitter back when the final Rise of Skywalker trailer dropped, posting McQuarrie’s old sketches next to Palpatine’s new throne. McQuarrie passed away in 2012, and his obituary in the Guardian notes that “fewer of his ideas made the cut” in Return of the Jedi. So it’s cool to see McQuarrie’s work put to excellent use in Skywalker.

Watch the video to see all of the Easter eggs you missed in The Rise of Skywalker!

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The Emperor’s new-ish throne | 0:15
Kylo’s kintsukuroi | 1:01
The Disney+ connection | 2:18
Voices from the past | 3:24
Better late than never | 4:28
Cool planet, cool name, cool cameo | 5:20
They worked in Wedge | 6:11
Easter egg grab bag | 7:04
Aftab Ackbar | 8:00
Allegiant General Pryde | 8:59
Beaumont Kin | 9:34
Wicket & Pommet | 10:32

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