Do You Really Have Two Brains?

Published on October 2, 2017

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Are you a left-brained person or a right-brained person? Spoiler: You’re neither. Each of us uses both sides of our brain for most of what we do. But still, there are a number of brain functions that do show lateralization, where they are localized to one side or another. Why is this? And how does it influence our definition of consciousness? People with “split brains” can help us figure it out.

Special thanks to Dr. Michael Gazzaniga for his help researching this video!
Here’s a wonderful vintage film featuring Dr. Gazzaniga’s early split brain work:


Gazzaniga, Michael S. “Forty-five years of split-brain research and still going strong.” Nature reviews. Neuroscience 6.8 (2005): 653.

Gazzaniga, Michael S. “The split-brain: Rooting consciousness in biology.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111.51 (2014): 18093-18094.


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