CROOKS – Heart Of Vengeance

Published on December 31, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! The story of a scientist inventing the key to eternal life. A couple of thugs steals his invention and kills him and his daughter.
In order to come back to life he sells his soul to the devil.
Armed only with a heart of vengeance, and a Axe, he hunts down the crooks one by one. . . .
They picked the wrong man to kill!!

Crooks feat. Sebastian Monti

Starring – Christoffer Svane

Director & Writer – Snorre Fuglsang Ruhe
Producer – Jens Formann
Production Company – Hobby Film
Assistant Director – Laura Hancock
Director of Photography – Kristoffer Engholm Aabo
Editor – Ogi Curcic

Set design – Mathilde Juul Ipsen
Stylist – Fredericke Kellberg
Sound design – Kevin Koch
Props Master – Louise Lindstrøm
Art department/props/spacemother – Susse Riber
Props/Spfx/location marshall – Niels Erik Bjerg
Makeup artists – Susana Flores
Make-up spfx Assistent – Kenneth L. S. Jeppesen

1st AC – Nis Birk Christensen
Second unit Dop / Spark / DIT / Bad Guy no.4 / Drengen – David Draad
Gaffer – Joe McCrae
Spark – Phillip Sacht
Spark – Alexander Jacobsen
Spark – Mikkel Kappel Persson
Steadi – Kim Jensen
Stunt coordinator – Frederik Nemo
Precision driver – Kenneth Hansen (Komo Rally)
Sound Recordist – Joachim Nyholm
Epic Sax – lui franch
SFX – FX Team
Choreographer – Louise Mochia

Production assistant – Sine Vangsgaard
Production assistant – Helle Kjærsgaard
Production assistant – Maximilian Auken

CGI artist – Simon Dunkan
Colorist / Cameo Film – Nurali Kushkov
Post coordinator – Emma Engberg
VFX artist – Jonathan Wendt
VFX artist – Mike Harris
​​VFX artist – Adam Zejlund Jessen
Graphic designer – Svlstg

Afshin Firouzi
Sebastian Lydolph
Søren Højen
Benjamin Stender
Vida Aya Huntley
Frederik Ferslev
Jan C. Juhl
Paw Vikjær Andersen
Nikolai Dobson

Camera equipment – Sidney Plaut
Lighting equipment – GAFFERS
Extra Light and camera gear – Bifrost Productions
Catering – Brendon Lou Mochia

A special thanks to:
Bødstrup Gods – Nicolas Bernhoft
Frank Omø
Andreas Kragh Jacobsen
Nanna Fuglsang
August Hancock
Freddie smith
FX Team
Lulu Lückow
Kasper Notlev
Keld – Shur auto
Amanda Formann
Joanna Fuglsang Ruhe Hancock
Fam. Fuego Formann

With support from Koda’s Cultural Funds
Ruhekassen’s money tree

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