Published on January 30, 2023

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! At a high school talent show, 17-year-old Clare tries to confront her teacher over a private matter, leading to unexpected consequences.

Written and Directed by Lauren Minnerath

Sophie Rossman as Clare
Lucas Van Engen as Wyatt
Lizzy Plimpton as Mrs. Larsson
Maddie Dyer as Anica
Daniel Taveras as Calvin
Noël Masal as Lindsay

Produced by Karine Benzaria, Julia Kennelly, Carlos Valdivia
Executive Producer: Gyason Copeland, Timothy Mendonça
Associate Producers: Alexander Hagani, Odalis Lopez
Consulting Producer: Sean Weiner

Cinematographer: Zach Stoltzfus
Production Designer: Heather Yancey
Assistant Director: Dina Graham
Casting Director: Mia Cusumano
First Assistant Camera: Aron Romanoff
Second Assistant Camera: Eliot Grigo
Gaffer: Stephen Szmed
Key Grip: Dan Wolff
Lighting Intern: Zach Cooper
Sound Mixer: Andrew Pearl
Script Supervisor: Miguel Valarino Salazar
Still Photographer: Michael Beckert
Production Assistants: Conor Florance, Tessa Muchura

Editor: Lauren Minnerath
Sound Designer: Arjun Sheth
Colorist: Sofie Friis Borup
Title Design: Susan Kineke

Made in partnership with the Jacob Burns Creative Culture Fellowship and Dream City Production

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