CINEMATOGRAPHER | A Short Documentary

Published on February 25, 2024

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Six women share the challenges and complexities of life as a modern cinematographer.

Featuring Interviews with Reed Morano, Autumn Eakin, Kate Arizmendi, Allison Anderson, Maria Rusche, and Emoni Aikens.

Director: Demi Waldron

DP / EP: Claudia Burgi

Additional Photography: Steele Rutherford
Assistant Editor: Sydney Hervey

Official Selection, Sarasota Film Festival 2019
Official Selection, Nashville Film Festival 2019
Official Selection, Savannah Film Festival 2018
Winner, Student Short Jury Award, Savannah Film Festival
Official Selection, Bushwick Film Festival 2018
Official Selection, Athena Film Festival 2019
Official Selection, ALICE Fest 2019

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