Christopher Walken’s Coffee Shop

Published on April 1, 2022

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Christopher Walken has branched out from his very successful acting career to pursue his true passion, creating artisanal coffee beverages and pastries, but be warned his concoctions have more than just meets the eye.

A completely improvised commercial created as a part of the Famous Lost Works podcast. Listen online at

Voices by Matt Crawford, Alan Snider, Leah Dubuc, Allex Tarr and Tom Slade.
Sound editing by Alan Snider.
Animation by Leah Dubuc.

( charcoal, marbled paper, water color, digital. 2016. )

*official selection louisiana international film festival 2017*
*official selection f3: frankly film fest 2017*
*official selection newfilmmakers los angeles december 2017*
*official selection short of the week*
*official selection manchester lift-off festival 2018*
*official selection albany film fest 2018*
*official selection toronto lift-off festival 2018*
*official selection queen palm film festival 2018*
*official selection 15 short film festival 2018*

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