Black Marble – “Private Show” (Director’s Cut)

Published on January 8, 2024

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Directed by Ben Joyner
DP: Hayden Mason
Edit/Additional Camera: Ben Joyner
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli @ Ethos Studio
Film Processing/Scans: Metropolis Post NY


Karen Kilgore Crantford
Julie Kilgore Joyner
Ethos Studio
Lightstone Rentals
The Band U.S (cover band featured in the video)
Andy King
Brian Patton “The Misfit Cowboy”
Forrest Johnson
Henry Drayton
The Neshoba County Fair Association
Amber Joyner
Sam Joyner
Mary Marchand
Taylor Alley
Andrew Litten
Daniel Henry
Bobby Moser
Brandon Kapelow
Jacob Kirby
Kevin Clark

Filmed on Location at the Neshoba County Fair, Mississippi

From ‘Bigger Than Life,’ out now:

Sacred Bones Records

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