Barrio Sonidero x NOWNESS

Published on February 26, 2023

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Made alongside the sonidero community in Queens, NY. 

Featuring David Monge, Humberto Morales, Miriam Gonzalez, Jason Leal, Tania Inguil, Ricardo Rodriguez, Airahm Ramirez, Gregorio Ciriaco, Joselin & Juan

Director: Leo Aguirre
Producer: Travis Hood
Director of Photography: Danyal Khan Niazi
Editors: Nate Katz & Leo Aguirre
Stylist: Ana Davidson
Additional Footage: Jazmin Romero
1st AC: Haitao Zeng
Steadicam Operator: Franz Brun
Production Assistants: Cristina Gomez & Alex Hitchcock
Colorist: Alex Winker
Sound Mixer: Joseph Kennemer 

Creative Director: Bunny Kinney
Managing Director: Gavin Humphries
Commissioning Director: Katie Metcalfe
Producer: Noor Mian
Video Editor: Harry Bowley

Series producer & Associate Curator: Ali Rosa Salas 
Associate Curator & Director of Artist Initiatives: Melanie George
Producing Director: Ariana Massery
Executive & Artistic Director: Palema Tatge

Made with the support of Stink Films & Panorama
Special thanks to Ross Mayfield and the Monge Family

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