Ava Raiin – Eagle Eye (Official Music Video)

Published on November 4, 2021

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! A beautiful landscape and experimental visuals create the world of “Eagle Eye” which represents our dichotomous world, the outside “real” world and the world inside the mind.

Premiered on Afropunk (http://bit.ly/1qpmewd)
Ava Raiin (www.avaraiin.com)

Production Company: dreambear (www.dreambear.org)
Director: Rafatoon
Executive Producer: Evan Brown
Producer: Kimmy d’Ancona
Cinematographers (Colombia): Sebas Teherán / Rudy Black Mosquera
2nd Unit Cameraman (New York): David Joshua Ford
3D/Tracking: Andres García
Editor/Colorist/Motion: Rafatoon
Stylist: Clau Rojas
Make Up Artist: George Romero
Production Assistant: Rudy Black Mosquera
Model: Yilian Hinestroza
Special Thank You: Miguel Angel Puerto Sanchez / Andrés Puerto Sanchez

Music Credits:

Produced/Mixed: David Sisko
Lyrics: Ava Raiin / Sye Elaine Spence
Mastered: Mike Tucci

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