Published on March 16, 2024

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Alan’s excited! It’s his first day at Lamin’8– a stale, grey, humdrum lamination company. Oh boy! If he buckles up, stays focused and impresses Gary, his unhinged boss, this might just be a job for life. But all is not quite as it seems, and when Alan accidentally unleashes cosmic, supernatural forces into the office, he realises that fitting in at Lamin’8 is going to be infinitely more tricky than he ever could have dreamed.

Written & Directed by – Mikey Please & Dan Ojari
Produced by – Mikey Please, Dan Ojari, Alex Holberton & Kev Harwood
Executive Producers – Mikey Please & Dan Ojari, James Stevenson Bretton, Tom Stuart & Bart Yates
Music by – Ben Please & Beth Porter @ The Bookshop band

ALAN – Dan Ojari
GARY – Baker Terry
PREA – Theodora van Der Beek
SUSAN – Jessica Rayner
NEIL – Rob Carter
SCIENTIST – Elliot Dear

Sound Design – Adam Janota Bzowski, Ben Please & Dan Ojari
Sound Mastering – Simon Harris @ Offset

DOP – Simon Paul
Camera Assistant. – Giles Warner
Additional lighting – Mikey Please, Dan Ojari, Peter Elmore & Max Halstead

Lead Animators – Andy Biddle, Dan Gill, Steve Warne, Anthony Farquhar Smith, Mikey Please & Dan Ojari
Animators – James Carlisle, Luke George, Rachael Olga, Nick Black & Angie Palethorpe

Puppet Design – Mikey Please
Puppet Fabrication – Mikey Please, Adeena Grub, Rosie Tonkin & Thomas O’Meara
Rigging – Robin Jackson
Crowd Puppets design and fabrication – Adeena Grub and Natasha Wigoder

Set Design – Dan Ojari
Art Direction – Dan Ojari, Emma Rose & Kat Simpson

Modelmakers – Katy Haggerty-Marks, Becky Weston, Rachael Olga, Nick Black, Luke George, Campbell Hartley, Emily Suvanvej, Millie Tennant, Adeena Grubb, Antonia Trister, Jack Pratt, Rebecca Howell, Steph Marshall, Natasha Wigoder, Beatriz Dominguez, Sofia Rodriguez Serrano, Maria Crus, Mireia Mendez & Brin Frost

2D facial Animation – Mikey Please
Additional 2D – Mathias Sgard & Elliot Dear

Lead Compositor – Mikey Please
Additional compositing – Mathias Sgard, Dan Ojari, Simone Ghilardoti & Tom Fisher
Grade – Elroy Gaskin-Payne @ Onsight

Post Production Supervisor – Benjamin Lole
Post Production Manager – Mira Valcheva
Post Production Creative Supervisor – Quentin Vien
3D Modelling – Lisa George-Gilroy
Rig Removal & 3D facial tracking – Elipse FX
Production Support – Ali Albion

Recording Engineer – Robert Frank Hunter

Behind The Scenes Film – Joseph Eckworth

THANK YOU – Charlie Perkins, Matt Day, David Cann, David Lupsein, David Rodger, Katie-Mae Griffith, Lydia Larson, Cross Street Studios, Clapham Road Studios

A Parabella Studios & Blink Industries Film

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