A Failure of the Imagination

Published on September 11, 2023

Captions provided by CCTubes – Captioning the Internet! Every year, the UK food industry wastes 1.9 million tones of food. A FAILURE of the IMAGINATION documents the story of one chef and his efforts to change this.

Five years ago, Douglas McMaster opened the restaurant Silo, hoping to change the unsustainable practices of modern food systems. His aim was simple, yet frighteningly ambitious: create an award winning menu using a zero-waste food system designed from scratch.

This is the story of that restaurant’s first five years.

Director: Matt Hopkins ([email protected])
Production Company: The Progress Film Company
Cinematography: Matt Hopkins, Joe Sampson, Zak Thorpe
Photography: Xavier Beundia
Animation: Jessica Hislop
Editor: Matt Hopkins
Additional Editing: Ben Smith
Colourist: Vlad Barin
Colour Producer: Thea Dagnaud, CHEAT
Composer: James O’Connell
Sound Design and Mix: Joe Munday

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